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Frontiers of Economics in China
Call for Papers

I. Background
Frontiers of Economics in China (FEC) is one of the English Journals under the umbrella of Frontiers in China. The latter, as the largest series of academic journals with the broadest coverage in China, was launched in 2006 by China's Ministry of Education to cover 24 disciplines, including 17 in the fields of natural sciences and 7 in humanities and social sciences. Co-sponsored by Higher Education Press, Beijing and Institute for Advanced Research (IAR), Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, FEC is issued quarterly and distributed worldwide, available both online and in hard-copy.
Due to its fast increasing number of downloads and subscription worldwide, FEC has been indexed by over 10 overseas authoritative indexing organizations. FEC's focus on in-depth, profound and insightful articles and its quick reaction to international research trend has made its reputation and influence grow rapidly at home and abroad.

II. Aims and Scope
FEC is a double-blind peer-reviewed journal that aims to publish state-of-the-art researches in economics. The journal welcomes submissions of theoretical and empirical papers from all fields of economics, particularly those with an emphasis on the Chinese economy or other transition economies. FEC is designed to provide a platform to facilitate the communications between the scholars in China and those in the rest of the world.

III. Editorship
Editor: Guoqiang Tian, Texas A&M University, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics
Executive Editor: Zhiqi Chen, Carleton University
Chunrong Ai, University of Florida
Kevin X.D. Huang, Vanderbilt University
Neng Wang, Columbia University
James Wen, Trinity College, U.S.

Editorial Advisory Board:
Robert J. Barro Harvard University
Xiwen Chen Renmin University of China
Gregory C. Chow Princeton University
Jiwei Lou Ministry of Finance, China
Eric Maskin Princeton University
Daniel L. McFadden University of California, Berkeley
Paul Milgrom Stanford University
Douglass North Washington University in St. Louis
Dwight H. Perkins Harvard University
Amartya Sen Harvard University
Min Tan Shanghai University of Finance and Economics
Jinglian Wu Development Research Center of the State Council, China
Xiaochuan Zhou The People's Bank of China

Editorial Board:
Jushan Bai  Columbia University
Loren Brandt University of Toronto
Henry Cao Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business
Xiaohong Chen Yale University
Yongmin Chen University of Colorado at Boulder
Zhiwu Chen Yale University
Yanqin Fan University of Washington
Hanming Fang University of Pennsylvania
Jie Gan Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business
Li Gan Texas A&M University
Han Hong Stanford University
Yingyao Hu Johns Hopkins University
Jay Huang Pennsylvania State University
Jikun Huang Center for Chinese Agricultural Policy, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Jiandong Ju University of Oklahoma
Changying Li Shandong University
Hao Li University of British Columbia
Hongbin Li Tsinghua University
Qi Li Texas A&M University
Chen Lin University of Hong Kong
Debin Ma London School of Economics and Political Science
Barry J. Naughton University of California at San Diego
Jun Qian Shanghai Jiao Tong University; University of Pennsylvania
Yingyi Qian Tsinghua University
Cheng-Zhong Qin University of California at Santa Barbara
Jiaping Qiu McMaster University
Larry Qiu University of Hong Kong
Scott Rozelle Stanford University
Frank M. Song University of Hong Kong
Ning Sun Shanghai University of Finance and Economics
Guofu Tan University of Southern California
Cheng Wang Fudan University
Ruqu Wang Queen's University Canada
Yijiang Wang Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business
Shang-Jin Wei Columbia University
Quan Wen University of Washington
Danyang Xie Wuhan University; Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Chenggang Xu University of Hong Kong
Lixin Colin Xu World Bank
Gang Yi People's Bank of China; State Administration of Foreign Exchange
Zhihao Yu Carleton University
Jie Zhang National University of Singapore
Junsen Zhang Chinese University of Hong Kong
Jinhua Zhao Michigan State University
Susan Chun Zhu Michigan State University
Xiaodong Zhu University of Toronto

IV. Submission and Contact Information
Submission: Papers should be submitted through FEC Manuscripts Central:

You may visit FEC website for paper format instructions:

Contact Information:

Frontiers of Economics in China (FEC)
Institute for Advanced Research
Shanghai University of Finance and Economics
Tel: +86-21-6590 2681
Address: 111 Wuchuan Rd, Yangpu District, Shanghai 200433
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