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IAR Policy Proposal 2010 (2): Consolidating the Foundation and Controlling the Source with Both Instancy and Gradualness—Report On the Comprehensive Governance of China's Real Estate
March 5, 2010
IAR Policy Proposal 2010 (1): Solving Institutional Problems to Build a World-Class University with Chinese Characteristics
February 24, 2010
IAR Policy Proposal 2009 (5)—Annual Economic Report: Current Situation, Issues and Countermeasures concerning the Global and Chinese Economy
December 31, 2009
IAR Policy Proposal 2009 (4): Proposals for Recruiting Leading Talents from Overseas
December 14, 2009
IAR Policy Proposal 2009 (3): Market-oriented Urbanization Is the Fundamental Solution to the "Agriculture, Peasant and Countryside" Issues—Policy Proposal for the Elimination of the Urban-Rural Dual Structure
September 18, 2009
IAR Policy Proposal 2009 (2): Policy Proposal for the Involvement of Business Circle into Educational Reform and Development
September 18, 2009
IAR Policy Proposal 2009 (1): Financial Crisis, Economic Growth and Sustainable Development—Policy Proposal for Short-term Economic Growth and Long-term Sustainable Development in China
September 18, 2009
On the Educational Concept and Talent Cultivation Mode of Chinese Universities
July 3, 2009
Review of the Educational Achievements of Bush's Eight-year Administration and Prediction of Obama's Educational Policies
July 2, 2009
From the "Restoration to the Right", Establishment of Market Economy System to the Construction of Harmonious Society
July 1, 2009
Dealing with Inflation, But Also Guarding against Sharp Economic Decline
July 1, 2009
IAR Proposal for Guarding against Future Grain Shortage of China
June 26, 2009
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