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Conference on Economic Theory Held
July 3, 2009
    Oct.18 and 19 witnessed the success of 2008 Conference on Economic Theory: 30th Anniversary of China's Reform and Opening-up & 100th Birth Anniversary of Sun Yefang. This conference was organized by Sun Yefang Foundation...
IAR Seminars on Agricultural Development Economics Held
July 2, 2009
    On June 7, 2008, agricultural experts at home and abroad were invited to attend the seminar on Agricultural Development Economics organized by IAR to address the recent urgent problems facing agriculture today, such as the hu...
IAR Seminars on Economic Transition of China: Issues and Status Quo Held
June 30, 2009
    From late May to June, IAR successfully held three seminars on Economic Transition of China: Issues and Status Quo.      Experts and professors from Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, State-owned Assets...
2008 International Workshop on Empirical Economics Successfully Held
June 29, 2009
    From May 17 to 18, 2008 International Workshop on Empirical Economics jointly organized by SOE and IAR was held in Room 511, SOE administration building.      Experts and professors from Cornell Universi...
Research Report by Dr. Yugui Guo Attracted Attention
June 29, 2009
    Review of the Educational Achievements of Bush’s Eight-year Administration and Prediction of Obama’s Educational Policies, a research report of about 20, 000 words by Dr. Yugui Guo, Director of IAR Center for Global Studies...
Professor Zhou Yong Appointed to be the First Director-General of CAAS Resources & Environment Branch
June 26, 2009
     From Nov. 9 to 11, 2007, the inaugural meeting and symposium of the Chinese Association for Applied Statistics Resources & Environment Branch was held in Guangzhou University. This meeting was hosted by CAAS Resources & Envi...
2008 International Workshop on Empirical Economics
June 24, 2009
2009-6-24 9:25:20 Time: May 17 – May 18, 2008 Organized by School of Economics and Institute for Advanced Research Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (SUFE), Shanghai, China Address: 111 Wu...
Research Fellows from Environment and Natural Resources Research Center Pays Site Visit to Jincheng of Shanxi Province
June 24, 2009
.f2 { font-family:Verdana; font-size:14px; text-align:justify; }      On July 26-27, 2007, research fellows Dr. Gan Li and Dr. Tan Jijun from Environment and Natural Resources Center of SHUFE ?Institute for Advanced Researc...
Interview by Tian Guoqiang, Ai Chunrong, Chen Ling and Tan Jijun with Leaders of National Bureau of Statistics
June 23, 2009
 On Dec. 12, 2006, Tian Guoqiang, Ai Chunrong, Chenling, Tan Jijun and leaders from SHUFE Institute for Advanced Research, School of Economics and Statistics Department went to Beijing and hold bilateral talks with Director Xie Fuzhan and ...
Professor Jamil Salmi Visits SOE and Delivers a Lecture
June 22, 2009
      Professor Jamil Salmi, Chief Expert of World Bank’s Tertiary Education Thematic Group, visited SOE on October 31, 2007 and gave a lecture titled “Building a Knowledge Society—New Challenge for Higher Education”...
Academic Seminar "China Statistics Data Quality: Challenge and Measures" Convened
June 21, 2009
    On Dec. 16, the 1-day academic seminar "China Statistics Data Quality: Challenge and Measures" sponsored by Data Research Center of Institute for Advanced Research, SHUFE, was held in the meeting room of the 5th floor of SHUFE Sec...
Professor Allan Layton Visits SOE and Gives a Lecture
June 20, 2009
    Vice President of the University of South Queensland and Dean of the Business School, Professor Allan Layton visited SOE on October 29, 2007 and gave a lecture titled “Reflections on the Role of Australian Economic Policies ...
Leaders of Institute for Advanced Research Invited to Attend 6th Economics Annual Meeting
June 20, 2009
    From Dec 15 to 17, the 6th China Economics Annual Meeting was held in Wuhan University and Tian Guoqiang, Chen ling, Tan Jijun and other leaders from the School of Economics attended the meeting upon invitation.  &nb...
Professor Mallory Starr Visits SOE and Gives a Lecture
June 19, 2009
     Professor Mallory Starr, President of the US Asian Cultural Academy, visited SOE on October 31, 2007 and gave a lecture titled “Dynamic Thinking on Communication and Implementation” at the lecture hall of the SOE administr...
Data Research Center Cooperated with British Universities for Social Investigation in Sichuan Province
June 18, 2009
     The Data Research Center under the Institute for Advanced Research conducted a project named Investigation into Basic Family Situations and Leaving Home for Work in Rural Sichuan Province in August 2007. This investigat...
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