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Professor Mallory Starr Visits SOE and Gives a Lecture
June 19, 2009
     Professor Mallory Starr, President of the US Asian Cultural Academy, visited SOE on October 31, 2007 and gave a lecture titled “Dynamic Thinking on Communication and Implementation” at the lecture hall of the SOE administration building. As one of the IAR series lectures jointly organized by IAR, SOE and SIBA for the 90th Anniversary of SUFE, this lecture was chaired by Professor Yu Wei, Associate Dean of IAR.

      Starting with two humorous pictures and a vivid analogy, Professor Mallory Starr talked about different internal and external responses of human beings to fears and worries, as well as the significance of communication and interpersonal relationship to self-development. Based upon this, he further explained the application of communication and consultation to management and pointed out five possible types of functional disorder in teamwork, namely, lack of trust, fear of conflict, lack of commitment, shift of responsibility and neglect of result. He also emphasized the importance of communication in inner management and market study.

      After the lecture, Professor Mallory Starr discussed with faculty and students over topics such as the way fresh graduates shall adapt themselves to the American or European corporation culture, problems concerning communication management and the countermeasures.
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