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Forthcoming Papers

Heinz D. Kurz

Technical Progress and the Diffusion of Innovations Classical and Schumpeterian Perspectives

Zhiqi Chen

Product Market Competition and Innovation: What Can We Learn from Economic Theory?

Huagang Li, Guofu Tan

Hidden Reserve Prices with Risk-Averse Bidders

Nicolas Boccard, Patrick Legros

Audit Competition in Insurance Oligopolies

Cheng-Zhong Qin, Shengping Zhang, Dandan Zhu

A Model of Endogenous Cross-Holdings in Oligopoly

Tatsuo Hatta

Revenue-Constrained Combination of an Optimal Tariff and Duty Drawback

Yinxing Hong, Yao Lu, Jianghuai Zheng

Industrialized Innovation: the Connection of Science & Technology Innovation with Industrial Innovation

Sven W. Arndt

Global Value Chains, Horizontal Intra-Industry Trade and the Heterogeneous Firm

Gaowang Wang, Heng-fu Zou

The Effectiveness of Macroeconomic Policies in a Mercantilist Economy

Alan V. Deardorff

Local Import Competition in a Lumpy Country

Lihui Wang, Junyi Shen

Examining the Factors Affecting Personal Income: An Empirical Study Based on Survey Data in Chinese Cities

Stéphane Capricey

Private Label Positioning and Product Line

Marlies Schütz

Are Central and Western Chinese provinces catching-up with the East? An empirical analysis of convergence processes across China

Ying Chu Ng, Suthathip Yaisawarng

Can a Government Initiate Enterprise Reform to Improve Efficiency? A Case of Chinese Pharmaceutical Enterprises

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