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Center for Educational Reform and Development in China

Center for Educational Reform and Development in China at the Institute for Advanced Research is established to draw lessons from China's educational reform and development, study the direction and mode for China's educational development under the guidance of national development strategies and with reference from advanced international experience in talent cultivation, promote educational reform and development, as well as explore the desirable institutional path for fostering high-level and creative professionals with self-innovation capability and initiative in knowledge renewal.

The Center will gather together domestic and foreign research forces through projects and various forms of seminars to promote exchange of ideas of research institutions and scholars at home and abroad in the field of education. It will be actively engaged in establishing close ties with decision-making governmental departments and social educational agencies and building an academic platform that embraces teaching, research and consulting to cultivate quality research talents, promote educational development and provide useful policy research and consulting for the nation and the society.

Recent research work of the Center will focus on the following topics:

• To explore the ways for the interdisciplinary integration between natural science and social science on the theoretical basis of modern economics and with mathematics, models and methods of mathematical statistics as research tools.
• How to cultivate a large quantity of high-level and creative talents in economics and business with cross-disciplinary background and international competitive edge.
• To explore the establishment of internal mechanism and model in line with international standards for attracting and making the best use of high-level overseas talents.
• To promote the extensive involvement of the society, especially the business community in educational reform and development.
• To call for open competition in education, extension and implementation of university autonomy, and to explore how to build up a world-class university with Chinese characteristics.
• To explore the significance of popularizing twelve-year compulsory education to the modernization of education and the strengthening of nation in human resource and the ways for its implementation.

█ Contact Information:

Director: Guoqiang Tian, Professor
Tel: +86-21-65904909

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