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Center for Mechanism Design and Economics of Information (CMDEI)

Center for Mechanism Design and Economics of Information in IAR, SUFE is dedicated to study the role of information in the market and solve information asymmetry problem to allocate resources more efficiently through mechanism design, and also focus on building a more trustworthy and efficient networked market.

Since thorough understanding and cooperation are required in information and mechanism design in Internet market, the Center strives to serve as an interdisciplinary and high-level academic communication platform.

The Center's research activities focus on the following aspects:

1. To study the solution of information asymmetry, i.e., the impact of information asymmetry and delay on financial markets, trust and trustworthiness in online markets and the design of efficient insurance, education and auction mechanisms, etc.

2. To verify theoretical models using experimental and empirical methods, collaborate with industries and their researchers on real world issues and publish research papers in top academic journals.

3. To hold regular seminars, international or domestic forums by inviting domestic and international specialists and scholars, government officials and experts in NGOs, etc.

Director: Ning Sun, Professor
Tel: +86-21-65902763

Core Expert Group Members
Benjamin Hak-Fung Chiao     Associate Professor of Economics
Dawen Meng                        Associate Research Fellow

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