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Center for China Agricultural Development

Center for China Agricultural Development was established in March 2007, directed by Dr. James G Wen from Trinity College. The center aims to promote the urban and rural institutional reform to meet the inner demand of market economy, to gradually eliminate the dual structure of urban and rural areas to make the countryside restore internal energy, to make the agriculture gradually modernized, to narrow the income gap between urban and rural areas, to promote the endogenous growth of urbanization, to lower the cost of urbanization in order for the peasants anour recent work concentrates on the following main fields:

First, China's land system issues, including the feasibility of property reform, historical evolution and development trend of China's land system, relationship between land and economic development of China, relationship between land and the welfare of farmers, flexible use of land and the period of land lease, etc.

Second, food security issues. In view of the asymmetric results between food lack and redundancy, we advise the government make a promise to the peasants that it will raise the grain purchasing price in the next few years; step up efforts of purchasing to make the market food price drawing close to the purchasing price; and directionally subsidize the low-income people in urban and rural areas while loosing the food price gradually.

Third, the development mechanism for agricultural technology. We focus more on the inner engine for agricultural technology development, rather than the promotion role of government, which used to be the key research field in the past.

Fourth, credit problems in rural areas. Source of capital is the ultimate problem faced by countryside construction. In the present credit system, the lack of valuable guaranty prevents farmers from obtaining continuous loanable funds, which slows down the steps for farmers to shake off poverty, conduct agricultural innovation and tackle countryside financial problems.

Fifth, the study on the economic principles of regionlization of land and the relationship between land appreciation and the municipal infrastructure construction.

Presently, the center plans to carry out the following research projects:
Surplus labor transfer in rural areas
Cost and benefit of urbanization
Economic effect and development trend of residence registration system
China's rural environment
China's rural social welfare
Sustainable development of agriculture
Relationship between countryside infrastructure and agricultural development
Effectiveness of agricultural policies

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Director: Dr. Lingguo Cheng
Tel: +86-21-65902879
Email: migrant workers to enjoy the prosperity of cities.

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