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Center for Environment and Natural Resources Studies

Established in June 2007, Center for Environment and Natural Resources Studies is devoted to promoting theoretical and empirical research on the environment and natural resources of China from both the macro and micro perspective, keeping track of the major projects in this field, as well as providing policy-making support and guidance. At the same time, it pays due attention to talent cultivation to enhance the overall research strength of China. Center for Environment and Natural Resources Studies makes constant efforts to build itself into a key research base in the field of environment and natural resources of China.

Presently, research work of the center focuses on the following aspects:

1. Effect evaluation of environmental policies, including cost-benefit analysis of environmental policies, effect evaluation of policies on labor market, inhabitants' behaviors and social welfare, actual effect of policies, as well as the possible crowding-out effect between new policies and existing policies, etc.

2. Distributional effect of environmental policies, that is, the potential effect of policies upon the redistribution of income. Theoretically, environmental protection policies have the characteristic of duality in terms of distribution. On the one hand, as an agent of production, environment, if employed for free by the producer, falls in the category of unequal distribution; on the other hand, as a kind of luxury consumer goods, environment differs drastically from high-income group to low-income group in terms of its consumption effect. Thus if environment can be traded as an agent, it will facilitate the redistribution of income and the shift of welfare.

3. Research on the relationship between environmental resources and economic development, including research on the recycling industries, adaptability and limitation of the interaction between environmental resources and economic development at the present stage, relationship between trade and environment, public resources and public property management, as well as other major issues faced by the economic development of China.


Director, Jinhua Zhao, Professor
Associate Director: Liguo Lin, Associate Professor (with Tenure)
Tel: +86-21-65902211

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