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Postdoctoral Center

Postdoctoral Center at the Institute for Advanced Research openly recruits postdoctoral research fellows from key universities and research institutes both at home and abroad, and encourages them to take advantage of their original research background, conduct interdisciplinary research as well as explore into new research domains in their postdoctoral research work.

Postdoctoral Center offers a favorable working environment, computers, network resources, rich information resources as well as postdoctoral scholarship projects.

Research Fields and Experts

Transitional Economy and Economic Reform of China
Experts in this field: Guoqiang Tian, James G Wen, Ding Lu

Econometrics and Financial Econometrics
Experts in this field: Yahong Zhou, Dongming Zhu

Behavioral Economics and Experimental Economics
Experts in this field: Ninghua Du, King King Li, Lan Yao

Health Economics, Environmental Economics & Public Economics
Experts in this field: Guan Gong, Yuanyuan Chen, Feng Liu

Industrial Organization and Mechanism Design
Experts in this field: Guoqiang Tian, Ning Sun, Bingyong Zheng

In line with the research orientation and experts' guidance, postdoctoral research fellows participate in research projects, thus forming a promising force for IAR talent cultivation.

█ Contact Information:

Aiqin Chen
Tel: +86-21-65903224

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