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Frontiers of Economics in China (FEC)
Editors’ Annual Meeting 2017 Held at IAR, SUFE
June 6, 2017

On the morning of June 5th, the 2017 FEC Editors’ Annual Meeting was held at Room 801, School of Economics, SUFE. Executive Editor Prof. Zhiqi Chen presided over the meeting. Present at the meeting were Prof. Guoqiang Tian, Editor of the FEC and Dean of IAR; Co-Editors Prof. Chunrong Ai and Prof. Kevin Xiaodong Huang; Liguo Lin, Vice Dean of IAR; Yuanyuan Chen, IAR Assistant to Dean and head in charge of the FEC editorial office administration; Xudong Chen, IAR Assistant to Dean; Mr. Hai Liu, Director of Social Science and Humanities Academic Publications, Higher Education Press; Editor Chen Guo from Higher Education press along with FEC Editor Assistant Wenfeng Wei.

At the meeting, Prof. Guoqiang Tian fully recognized the progress made by the journal during the past year, and expressed satisfaction with the FEC’s appearing on the list of "2016 The Highest International Impact Academic Journals of China" after being selected into the list of "Excellent International Impact Academic Journals of China" in 2014 and 2015. Wenfeng Wei delivered a work report of the editorial office in manuscripts management, journal promotion and advertising; Professor Zhiqi Chen briefed the meeting on the progress of the special issues at hand, and Director Hai Liu delivered a work report on behalf of the journal's publisher. The participants had in-depth discussions centering on the journal's cooperation with overseas publisher/indexing organizations, inclusion criteria for SSCI, and qualifications for the FEC Editorial Board members. The participants also exchanged ideas on how to improve efficiency and enhance cooperation during the pre-publication procedures. The meeting decided that Higher Education Press would launch "Online First" function for accepted papers on the HEP website, and that the working staff of the FEC editorial office would follow up on the to-do list put forward on the meeting.

Prof. Guoqiang Tian: FEC Editor (SUFE & Texas A&M University)

Prof. Zhiqi Chen: FEC Executive Editor (Carleton University)

Prof. Chunrong Ai: FEC Co-Editor (University of Florida)

Prof. Kevin X.D. Huang: FEC Co-Editor (Vanderbilt University)

Prof. Liguo Lin: Vice Dean (IAR, SUFE)

Dr. Yuanyuan Chen: Head of FEC editorial office, Assistant to Dean (IAR, SUFE)

Mr. Hai Liu: Director of Social Science and Humanities Academic Publications, (Higher Education Press)

At the meeting

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