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The 48th Annual UK History of Economic Thought Conference Held at SOE
September 6, 2016

Participants of the conference

During September 2 to 4, 2016, the 48th Annual UK History of Economic Thought Conference- Comparison of Economic Thought in China and Europe from a Global Perspective, co-hosted by the department of History of Economics of SOE and the UK History of Economics Society held at the SOE. This year’s conference is of great significance since this is the first time that the annual conference held in a country outside the Europe. The distinguished professor of the SOE, Professor Terry Peach from the Manchester University hosted the opening ceremony. Vice president of SUFE, Professor Chuanhai Jiang, the director of SOE department of History of Economics, Professor Lin Cheng, and the SOE Party Sectary, Professor Fang Wang attended the opening ceremony.

Vice President of SUFE Chuanhai Jiang delivers a speech

The theme of the 48th Annual UK History of Economic Thought Conference is the comparison of economic thought in China and Europe from a global perspective, with the study on western economic theory and the thought of economists and the study on the political economic thought and its legacy of the Han dynasty as two sub themes. More than 40 domestic and oversea experts and scholars from Oxford University, Frankfurt University, University of Manchester, University of British Columbia, the Australian National University, University of New South Wales, Belfast Queen's University, University of Queensland, Fudan University, Northwest University, Shanghai Social Science Academy and Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, as well as some students and faculty who were interested in the theme attended the conference.

Director of the department of History of Economics and SUFE Personnel Office Lin Cheng delivers a speech

SOE distinguished professor, Professor Terry Peach from Manchester University hosts the opening ceremony

Richard Van Den Berg
(Kingston University)
Renee Prendergast
(Queen's University, Belfast)
Ryan Walter
(University of Queensland)
Nobuhiko Nakazawa
(Kansai University, Osaka)
Margaret Schabas
(University of British Columbia)
John Vint
(Manchester Metropolitan University)
Steve Kates
(RMIT University, Melbourne)
Craig Freedman
(Australian School of Business, University of New South Wales)
Bertram Schefold
(University of Frankfurt)
Terry Peach
(University of Manchester)
(Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences)
Cheng Nianqi
(Shanghai Academy of social Sciences)
Li Wei
(Fudan University)
Li Chaomin
(Shanghai University of Finance and Economics)
Wang Fang
(Shanghai University of Finance and Economics)
Zhao Mairu
(Northwestern University)
Zhang Shen
(Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences)
Jeremy Shearmur
(Australian National University)
Li Weisen
(Fudan University)
Robert William Dimand
(Brock University)
James Forder
(Balliol College, Oxford)

President of the UK History of Economics Society John Vint delivers the closing speech

At the conference

This conference fully shows the remarkable achievements of the research conducted by SUFE on the history of economic thought, playing an important role in laying the foundation of building a bridge between the academic scholars at home and abroad, providing an international vision and a precious opportunity of academic exchanges to the domestic scholars, meanwhile spreading the glorious achievement of China's economic thought, further promoting the internationalization of this discipline.

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